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Financial and Business Restructuring

Alpha Plus offers recommendations and executes financial and business restructuring plans with the aim of enhancing the performance and stability of the companies in which it invests. This includes identifying and addressing operational and financial issues, optimizing capital structure, and implementing strategic changes to improve overall profitability and growth potential.

Growth Planning and Strategy Implementation

The firm specializes in aiding companies in mapping out their growth trajectory while also implementing effective financial strategies that align with their objectives. This includes identifying opportunities for expansion, developing financial models, and executing plans to achieve long-term success.

Public Market Access

Alpha Plus assists companies in the process of transitioning from private limited to public entities by enabling the issuance of IPOs, which not only provides a significant avenue for growth but also enhances access to capital and opportunities for wealth-building for both promoters and public investors. This strategic approach helps companies leverage the potential of public markets and aligns with their long-term financial objectives.

Portfolio Companies

We would like to thank our many companies, investors for their continued support and commitment to our organization

Investment Process

When investing a eight-step investment process is followed:
  • 1

    Reaching Out to Us

    This is the first step in the investment process where a potential investment opportunity contacts Alpha Plus. They can reach us through various channels such as email, phone, or an introduction from a mutual contact.
  • 2

    Initial Screening

    After receiving the inquiry, we conduct a preliminary screening to assess the potential of the investment opportunity. This step involves an initial review of the company's business plan, financials, and management team.
  • 3

    Initial Diligence and NDA

    If the opportunity passes the initial screening, we proceed to the next step of initial diligence. This involves a more in-depth analysis of the company's financials, operations, and market position. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed before Initial Diligence to protect confidential information.
  • 4

    Internal Due Diligence

    In this stage, our internal team conducts a thorough due diligence process to determine the investment viability of the company. This includes a review of the company's financial information and projections, market potential, and competitive landscape.
  • 5

    Negotiation and Structuring of Deal

    If the internal due diligence process is successful, we move on to the negotiation and structuring of the deal. This involves determining the investment amount, terms, and conditions of the deal.
  • 6

    External Due Diligence

    In this stage, we engage independent third-party advisors to conduct a more detailed due diligence on the company. This includes a review of the company's legal, financial, and other issues as deemed fit by management.
  • 7

    Final Review and Negotiation

    After the completion of external due diligence, we conduct a final review and negotiate the terms of the deal.
  • 8


    Once the terms of the deal have been agreed upon, a final investment agreement is signed. The funds are then invested in the company, and the partnership between Alpha Plus and the company begins.

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